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Housegroup Weeks

These are easily calculated by taking the weeks each side of a school half term holiday and working backwards and forwards.

Housegroups are in the week following the Sundays given in the table below.


Housegroup Weeks 2017

Housegroup Weeks 2018



Sunday 07 January
Sunday 21 January
Sunday 04 February
Sunday 18 February
Sunday 04 March

Sunday 18 March



Sunday 22 April
Sunday 06 May
Sunday 20 May
Sunday 03 June

Sunday 17 June
Sunday 01 July

Sunday 15 July


Sunday 17 September
Sunday 01 October
Sunday 15 October
Sunday 29 October
Sunday 12 November
Sunday 26 November
Sunday 10 December


School Holiday Weeks
The pattern for holiday weeks for Bradford schools is given in the table below, for weeks beginning with a Sunday. Some schools are now able to set dates differently from those recommended.


School Holiday Weeks 2017

School Holiday Weeks 2018

Half Term


Sunday 11 February



Sunday 01 April (Easter)
Sunday 08 April

Spring Bank


Sunday 27 May
Summer   break-up Wednesday 25 July
Sunday 29 July
Sunday 05 August
Sunday 12 August
Sunday 19 August
Sunday 26 August

Half Term

Sunday 22 October


Sunday 18 December
Sunday 25 December



Here is the complete pattern for Bradford School Holidays from the 'Bradford Schools Online' website.
Please note that Leeds schools are in general agreement with Bradford, but not always so. You can find all details for Leeds School Holidays on the Leeds Education website.

Updated 19 September 2017

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