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Melting Pot

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Growing out of the interest shown in the talks in the week preceding Easter 2013, this is a monthly forum where we explore questions of faith and spirituality in a credible and inclusive way, valuing contemporary thought and modern biblical understanding.

There are no right or wrong answers or opinions; but we do invite you to join us in a supportive environment to ask those questions you've always wanted to.

These sessions aim to be interactive, with some input to start proceedings, followed by open debate.

Venue: Christchurch Cafe
Time:   7:30pm to 9:00pm

Dates for 2018 
Sunday 14 January - Jesus is Late (the 'Second Coming')

Sunday 11 February - Life's One Certainty - Death
Sunday 11 March - How to read Bible Stories - Robin Hamon

Sunday 08 April - Why do you go to church?
Sunday 20 May - The theology of Worship - Robin Hamon (note: this is the third Sunday)

Sunday 09 September - 
Sunday 14 October - How to read the Bible and still be a Christian
Sunday 11 November - 

Read or download the Notes from previous meetings

Some of the Topics we have looked at 

Migration And The Bible - Robin Hamon

The Fifth Gospel - Thomas

The Multifaith Experience Of Iona - Chris & Gary Knamiller

Our Place In The Cosmos - Bob Brunswick

Who Wrote The Old Testament? And When? - Robin Hamon & Steve Amos

How Green Is My Faith? - A follow-up from last July’s ‘How Green Is The Bible?’ Are we living in tune with the Bible and the Environment?

Jesus: Messiah Or Zealot? - Exploring the messianic claims in the first centuries.

Heaven And Hell - Is there really ‘Eternal Life’?

I Agree With Dawkins - The continuing irrelevant Science and Religion debate!

The Eight Points - The Progressive Christian Network Britain offers these as an expression of the Christian Life.

How Green Is The Bible?  What does the Bible really say about the Environment? - led by Robin Hamon.

Are You Saved? - Seven Theories of Atonement – what is it and what does it mean?

Worship - What is it and can we make it relevant?

Prayer - What is it and is it any use?

Imaging God - our understanding of the Creator

Ways to God - Christianity and other world Religions

When Jesus Became God - the creation of the Trinity

The Easter Parables - what does 'Resurrection' mean?

What Do You Believe? A gentle introduction to ‘The Creed’

Mark, Matthew & Luke – why so different, yet similar? - Allan Carr's Synoptic Diagram

Can We Trust The Bible? - Where did it come from, and how to read it

The Christmas Parables

Possible topics for the future
Who was Jesus? – First century context
Judaism & Gnosticism – The context of the early church
Modern theology – looking at some contemporary theologians
The Lord’s Prayer – time to write a new one?
Jewish festivals and the shaping of Christianity
What’s the point of faith? – Love and justice
Gender and Sexuality
Affluence and Poverty
God's plan - what plan?

Information from, or offers of interest to, Steve Amos.