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Mind the Gap

Our minister Rob HiltonIn 2010, our minister Rob Hilton took a three month sabbatical.
He particulalry wanted to key-in on 'What is Britain like, today, for everyday folk?'
And what does this mean for the church, and in particular Christchurch Ilkley, in seeking God's mission for us so that we can be at the heart of our community.

His reflections are published monthly in our magazine Wider Horizons, or are directly available here.

Mind the Gap 1
We need to get out of church more; we need to expend less energy in running the church; we need to downsize the church admin machine in order to free ourselves up to be out there.

Mind the Gap 2
You can bridge a gap, you can stop a gap, you can fill a gap. But what of Christian Mission? What are the implications for us as we observe these gaps in society?

Mind the Gap 3
I found in Britain many resonances of the divine – variety calls for love and grace; corporation speaks of community responsibility; creativity calls for regulation, maybe limits, and responsibility.

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