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Wharfedale & Aireborough Circuit

Superintendant Minister
Rev Julian Pursehouse

Christchurch Circuit Stewards
Mrs Angela Pearson - 01943 839210
Prof Mike Dixon - 01943 601917

Circuit Treasurer

Circuit Secretary

Circuit Property Secretary

Agendas & Minutes
The latest meeting information is availble on this page - updated 20 July 2009.

Circuit Service Plans
These can be downloaded from this page.

Circuit Steward
Mike Dixon gives a briedf outline of what being a Circuit Steward entails.


Wharfedale and Aireborough Circuit
Letters to the Churches September 2011

Inspired by the letters John was encouraged to write to the 7 churches of Asia, in Revelation chapters 1-3, the Circuit Leadership team want to encourage each of the churches in the new circuit in their mission. Each of the 7 letters in Revelation is prophetic, encouraging and challenging.

We send these letters in a spirit of love. The forming our new circuit is an opportunity for a fresh start in an age of focussed Mission. Each church is encouraged to prayerfully receive their letter and consider it at every level of their church life. Here is your letter:

Your strengths are many – turn yourself inside out and share what you do so well with more people outside! Open the building and its activities to more people and listen to what they say; be affected by it.


A New Look At Circuits
A recent discussion paper about the possible changes to Circuit configurations.