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Prayer Fellowship
We meet for prayer each Thursday morning in the Fellowship Room from 9:30 to 10:00am. These are shared times of thanksgiving, petition and intercession, which are open to all.
Where appropriate we bring pastoral concerns into our prayers. Also prayers are said for our community and the world beyond.
Our times of prayer are simply led. They are times of spoken or silent prayer where we seek to be aware of one another and of the leading of the Holy Spirit as we express concerns placed on our hearts. We draw strength from one another. This is a time where we can briefly withdraw from our “busyness”. It is there as a time to be quiet, to “open out” to “let go”, letting the Lord enter our very being.
You are most welcome to join us each week or to come when you feel it is right for you.

Thursday Evening Prayer Time
Meeting in the Prayer Corner of the Worship Area in Christchurch every other (non Housegroup) week, we explore different approaches to prayer.
This is led by (and information from) 
Ruth Jones (07739 459078). Everyone welcome.

The Red Book - Prayer Requests
In the Christchurch foyer we have the “Red Prayer Book”, available throughout the week for anyone visiting Christchurch to make a prayer request. Each week these prayers are brought into our prayer time. Please do make use of this means of requesting prayer support.

Prayer Chain
Christchurch also offers a confidential Prayer Chain service. The prayer chain immediately responds to urgent and particular prayer requests. Please contact Val Appleton (430553) or Val Worrall (601945), or the Christchurch Office.

Ecumenical Prayer Group
In addition, the Churches Together in Ilkley Ecumenical Prayer Group has been meeting for about 35 years. It meets every Saturday from 10:00am to 10:30am in the Christchurch Sanctuary. All are welcome.

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Hands Prayer
Prayer from Rob Hilton February 2011
Open 'Hands Prayer'