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Music Movers

Children and bubblesMusic Movers meets every Tuesday during school term time in the Lower Hall at Christchurch. There are now two sessions, one at 9:30am and the other at 10:15am. There is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, with many staying on afterwards for drinks and toasted teacakes in the Christchurch Cafe. Come along and try it!

The format of the session includes traditional nursery rhymes, Christian action songs, and dancing to a variety of music from around the world. A wide range of good quality musical instruments are used each week.

Music Movers is aimed at three year olds and under - £1.00 per family (not per child).

Contact Christine Henney via the Church Office for details.

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Why We Do What We Do...

Nursery rhymes are familiar, easy to pick up, and include us in part of a long tradition of generations of parents singing with their children. We sing the same ones for two weeks, so you have chance to learn any that are new to you.

Instruments are an easy way for young children to take charge of music. Maintaining a steady beat is useful not just in music, but in other areas of life and apparently leads to superior intelligence!
Musical terms can seem daunting, but are as simple as being aware of volume, speed and pitch. Knowledge of these improves both concentration, and listening and language skills.
Dance is a great way of expressing the emotion and drama of music, particularly for those unable to say it with words yet. We use scarves, hoops and bubbles to help the children engage with the music and relate what they hear to their actions.
Music Movers Children 2011Music from around the world is used each week as there is such a wealth of different styles from all over the globe.
Christian songs have been used throughout the ages as a way of expressing Bible stories and love for God in a simple way. Modern versions usually include actions, which aids co-ordination skills as well.
What's in the bag? helps link a song to an object, and also excites children with the anticipation of what they might find inside.
Requests time is an opportunity for each child to suggest a song. It is so important to encourage our children to have the confidence to share their ideas, and even to show off their performing talents if they dare!
Music Movers is a safe environment, relaxed and friendly. It is open to all who wish to share music with their children. Music is known to improve a child's development across a wide range of skills - social, physical, lingual, mathematical and memory. Music Movers links your child with other children who've loved music throughout history and who still love it today, both here and across the world.

Margaret Whitton & SophieMusic Movers was originally set up in September 2007 and has gradually grown in attendance since then. It is run voluntarily (initially by Margaret Whitton and her two children) and now by Christine Henney and Hetley Burnham.
Christchurch has some lively worship, and its 9:00am service
on Sunday, On-Line at 9, is particularly appropriate for children of all ages. We love sharing with those who come to Music Movers some of our favourite Christian songs, alongside the more familiar nursery rhymes and action songs.
The fees are kept as low as possible and the money goes towards hire for the hall as well as buying equipment for the group.
Music is for all. We wish to share our love of music and all the positives it can give with as many folk as possible.

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