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Hollygarth Holiday Club

Lighthouse - The Annual Free Holiday Club at the Hollygarth

August 22-24 2016

Hollygarth Holiday Club

What is the Holiday Club all about ?

Each year, Christchurch (along with support from other churches in Ilkley) hosts a totlaly free 3 day holiday club for primary-school age kids on the Ben Rhydding side of Ilkley in order to reach out to new people, meet new families, and offer something awesome for kids to do who might not be able to make it to other summer activities nearer the town centre. 

It's a week of fun, music, games and stories from the bible, and it's completely open to children of all faiths and none. On the last day, we also welcome the whole family to join with us for lunch and see what the kids have been up to. 

It's our way as churches in the area of just trying to bless/benefit the community with a bit of hospitalitiy. 

If you'd like to book your child, click on the image above, or follow the link to our online registration form. 

Or if you have any questions, just email us. 



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