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The Alpha Course at Christchurch

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The Morning Coffee ALPHA Course at Christchurch during the Autumn of 2015 is now finished, but is followed up by a new Christianity Explored Course starting january 2016.

What is Alpha?
Alpha is for everyone; no question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish. We don’t assume any background knowledge of or belief in Christianity and everyone is welcome.

Alpha is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life in an informal, fun and friendly environment. The Alpha course consists of a series of talks, looking at topics including 'Who is Jesus?' and 'Why and how do I pray?’ We will meet for coffee or tea and each talk is followed by discussion in small groups.
A crèche will be provided.

Who is Alpha for?
Maybe you would like to come along yourself, maybe you could invite someone to come along, someone you know who is on the edge of church or someone who has never been to church but is open and willing, or asking questions. It would be helpful, but not imperative, to have details of those interested by 08 September, to either the Church Office or Jeannie Buckroyd.

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