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Growing out of the interest shown in the talks in the week preceding Easter 2013, this is a monthly forum where we explore questions of faith and spirituality in a credible and inclusive way, valuing contemporary thought and modern biblical understanding.

There are no right or wrong answers or opinions; but we do invite you to join us in a supportive environment to ask those questions you've always wanted to.

These sessions aim to be interactive, with some input to start proceedings, followed by open debate.

Venue: Christchurch Cafe
Time:   7:30pm to 9:00pm

Dates for Summer 2017
Sunday 23 April - What Do We Teach Our Children? 
Sunday 21 May 
Sunday 18 June

Dates for Autumn 2017 
Sunday 17 September

Read or download the Notes from previous meetings

Some of the Topics we have looked at 

Migration And The Bible - Robin Hamon

The Fifth Gospel - Thomas

The Multifaith Experience Of Iona - Chris & Gary Knamiller

Our Place In The Cosmos - Bob Brunswick

Who Wrote The Old Testament? And When? - Robin Hamon & Steve Amos

How Green Is My Faith? - A follow-up from last July’s ‘How Green Is The Bible?’ Are we living in tune with the Bible and the Environment?

Jesus: Messiah Or Zealot? - Exploring the messianic claims in the first centuries.

Heaven And Hell - Is there really ‘Eternal Life’?

I Agree With Dawkins - The continuing irrelevant Science and Religion debate!

The Eight Points - The Progressive Christian Network Britain offers these as an expression of the Christian Life.

How Green Is The Bible?  What does the Bible really say about the Environment? - led by Robin Hamon.

Are You Saved? - Seven Theories of Atonement – what is it and what does it mean?

Worship - What is it and can we make it relevant?

Prayer - What is it and is it any use?

Imaging God - our understanding of the Creator

Ways to God - Christianity and other world Religions

When Jesus Became God - the creation of the Trinity

The Easter Parables - what does 'Resurrection' mean?

What Do You Believe? A gentle introduction to ‘The Creed’

Mark, Matthew & Luke – why so different, yet similar? - Allan Carr's Synoptic Diagram

Can We Trust The Bible? - Where did it come from, and how to read it

The Christmas Parables

Possible topics for the future
Who was Jesus? – First century context
Judaism & Gnosticism – The context of the early church
Modern theology – looking at some contemporary theologians
The Lord’s Prayer – time to write a new one?
Jewish festivals and the shaping of Christianity
What’s the point of faith? – Love and justice
Gender and Sexuality
Affluence and Poverty
God's plan - what plan?

Information from, or offers of interest to, Jo Wales-Smith or Steve Amos.

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