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On Line Discussion Notes

Most weeks at On-Line at Nine we break into groups for about 20 minutes. Teams usually produce a small document often including the Bible passage with the questions they wish us to discuss. It also means that those who are leading or supporting a children or youth group activity can collect one and not miss out on the adult activity, and means that everyone has a chance to re-visit the discussion later in the week, or perhaps over Sunday lunch when families can share with each other.

With the support of Roots for Churches material, we follow the common lectionary pattern, so over time, these documents become a resource for others. The following pages contain a number of these documents sorted by their Bible reference.

Some have additional documents to go with them, perhaps a drama or quiz, and these are labelled to make that clear.
Some of the notes are in fact "leaders" notes in that they have guidance as to where the discussion might go (often this is in red type).

Please feel free to use these documents, respecting the copyright for which we have permission.

We have sorted the notes into 6 groups: Old TestamentMatthew's Gospel, Mark's GospelLuke's Gospel, John's Gospel and the rest of New Testament, and will be adding in to this resource on a regular basis.


For further information please contact Steve Amos through the Church Office.

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