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Big Questions

At Christchurch we want to discuss some of the big questions that we face and offer our views on them. This resource will continue to grow as we add new material as it becomes available.

Belief & Belonging
What is it that we have in common at Christchurch? What gives us our shared purpose? What is our passion?

Inside Christmas
For Advent 2015, we created a walk-through experience up in our Worship Area at Christchurch, that sought to challenge the myths and meaning of the 'traditional' nativity story, getting back to the originals and what the authors originally intended.

Melting Pot
A monthly gathering (from Sept 2013) where we can explore questions of faith and spirituality in a credible and inclusive way, valuing contemporary thought and modern biblical understanding. Most discussion documents are available to download.

We have a vision statement that summarises our faith in action.

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