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This Is Christchurch

This Is Christchurch Booklet Front PageWelcome to Christchurch!

'This is Christchurch' booklet introduces you to Christchurch, Ilkley. We are a friendly bunch. We can sometimes be an odd bunch. We are a human bunch. Together we are on a journey of discovery.

A journey of faith is about discovering God, and coming to love him; discovering ourselves, and learning to accept what we find. It means discovering other people and learning how to serve them.  Many of us will talk about our faith in Jesus; some of us won’t. Some of us don’t think we have any faith, but we like mixing with people who inspire us,. Quite a few of us wonder what words like faith and spirituality mean. But we like being here rather than anywhere else as we have those conversations.

In these pages you will read about who we are, what we do, and what we believe.

There is a Bible story about a father who loved his wayward son so much that he went out to meet the son as he returned home. It’s often called “The Prodigal Son” and is found in Luke’s gospel, chapter 15, verses 11-32. I hope as you read this booklet and encounter us, you will feel our welcome reaches out to you—leaping off the pages, oozing out of the cafes, longing for your voice in discussions and seeking your place in worship. As well as being welcoming, we seek to reach out to meet you, whoever and wherever you are.

I hope as we meet each other we will find a stillness and a value in the midst of busy-ness  and activity. It may be over a cup of coffee, a quiet seat alone in the worship area or in the atrium, a shared meditation with others in silence, a passionate  and rousing song in worship, a concerned prayer, an awkward question in someone’s front room, or in a countryside walk together. To be human is to be spiritual, to seek for God throughout our lives and want meaning and purpose. Christians believe that, in Jesus Christ, God has come to meet us in our humanity, and that in our humanity—our hearts, our social activity together, our worship, and our concerns for each other—God is found today.

Welcome to Christchurch. I hope in our midst you find God’s love reaching out to you.

March 2016

If you want to find out about us, then please have a look at our This Is Christchurch Booklet, written as an introduction to us.

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