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Wider Horizons LogoCover of December 2013 Wider HorizonsThis is our (free) monthly magazine, delivered by our Pastoral Visitors to every family linked to our church, and also available in the church foyer and the Coffee Centre.

Our magazine seeks to keep everyone informed about all the news and events within Christchurch.
It also contains articles and news from groups and individuals we support, reviews of new books, summaries of recent meetings, upcoming issues, details of service plans and a whole host of other bits and pieces.

We try to distribute Wider Horizons at least a week prior to the cover date, when it becomes available here as a download.

Submitting an Item
If you wish to submit an article to the editor, our preference is for a Word document (or similar) attachment. Please send it to both the Church Office and Steve Amos. Items have a limit of 350 words. Deadlines for submission are the first of each month for the following month's edition.

A small team meets each month to staple and fold the magazine. If you would like to help then please contact the Church Office.

Current Issue

January 2018 (read) 
January 2018 (print) 

Previous Issues

December 2017 (read) 
December 2017 (print)

November 2017 (print)

October 2017 (read)
October 2017 (print)

September 2017 (read)
September 2017 (print)

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August 2017 (print)

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March 2017 (read)
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February 2017 (read) 
February 2017 (print as booklet)

January 2017 (read on screen) 
January 2017 (print as booklet)

December 2016 (read on screen) 
December 2016 (print as booklet)

November 2016 (read on screen)
November 2016 (print as booklet)

October 2016 (read on screen) 
October 2016 (print as booklet) 

September 2016 (read on screen) 
September 2016 (print as booklet) 

August 2016 (read on screen) 
August 2016 (print as booklet)

July 2016 (read on screen)
July 2016 (print as booklet) 

June 2016 (read on screen)
June 2016 (print as booklet) 

May 2016 (read on screen)
May 2016 (print as booklet)

April 2016 (read on screen)
April 2016 (print as booklet)

March 2016 (read on screen)
March 2016 (print as booklet)

February 2016 (read on screen)
February 2016 (print as booklet) 

January 2016 (read on screen)  
January 2016 (print as booklet) 

December 2015 (read on screen)
December 2015 (print as booklet) 

November 2015 (read on screen) 
November 2015 (print as booklet)

October 2015 (read on scren) 
October 2015 (print as booklet)

September 2015 (read on screen) 
September 2015 (print as booklet)

August 2015 (read on screen) 
August 2015 (Print as booklet)

July 2015 (read on screen)
July 2015 (print as booklet) 

June 2015 (read on screen)
June 2015 (print as booklet)

May 2015 (read on screen)
May 2015 (print as booklet) 

April 2015 read on screen 
April 2015 print as booklet

March 2015 read on screen 
March 2015 print as booklet

February 2015 read on screen
February 2015 print as booklet

January 2015 read on screen
January 2015 print as booklet

December 2014 read on screen
December 2014 print as booklet

November 2014 read on screen
November 2014 print as booklet

October 2014 - sorry, the file has been lost

September 2014 read on screen
September 2014 print as booklet

August 2014 read on screen
August 2014 print as booklet

July 2014 A5 read on screen
July 2014 A4 print as booklet

June 2014 A5 read on screen
June 2014 A4 print as booklet

May 2014 A5 read on screen
May 2014 A4 print as booklet

April 2014 A5 read on screen
April 2014 A4 print

March 2014 A5 read on screen 
March 2014 A4 print

February 2014 A5 read on screen
February 2014 A4 print

January 2014 A5 read on screen
January 2014 A4 print 

Issues Prior to 2014
These can be found on on the Wider Horizons Archive Page.

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